Happy New Year!!

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NYSss2.titleBFss.prepI wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who helped make my 2013 racing season the modest success that it was.  I had a great time doing a bunch of races, and was particularly excited to win the NYS Series Cat.2 Singlespeed title in September.  I met a lot of great people this year, and I’m thankful for how I was pushed and supported along the way.


Here’s a list of race results since August…


8/4  1st,  Cat.2 SS,  H2H 909



8/11  1st,  Cat.2SS,  NYS Belleayre


8/25  1st,  Cat.2 SS,  NYS Hurley





9/8  2nd,  Cat.2 SS,  NYS Riedlbauer’s

NYS Series Cat.2 SS title





9/15  3rd,  Cat.2 30-39 (geared),  H2H Tymor


9/22  3rd,  Men’s Open,  Walnut Mtn Triple Challenge


11/10  20th, Beacon Mega Avalanche


11/23  1st,  4-man Open relay,  6 Hours of Cathedral Pines




I’m looking forward to all that this new year has to offer.  I have a few bikes in mind that I really want to build, and several races that I am excited about.  Pending approval, I should be moving up to Cat.1 next season.  At this point, Battenkill is the first race on my calendar, on April 5th, and I’m planning to head out to Copper Harbor, Michigan in August for SinglespeedUSA.  I hope to also do at least one 50 mile off road race this summer too.


I have other plans for some less conventional bikes, and for Burnside Forge’s “Racing Division”, but I’ll post up here as those unfold…



Here’s to 2014!

















NYS SOS Stewart

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sos.stewart.mud sos.stewart.podium sos.muddyshoesJuly 28th was the 3rd race in the NYS series, held at Stewart State Forest.  Stewart holds a lot of personal significance for me… it’s only a few miles from my childhood home, where I learned to ride as kid, and also where I participated in my first race back in 2010.  The Darkhorse 40 was traditionally held late July/ early August, and was the area’s biggest event.  Although a tough act to follow, it was great to get solid race in at Stewart with some serious locals.  

It rained the whole time, beginning 1 hour before the race started and letting up only after it was finished. To say conditions were wet and muddy is an understatement, but everyone was riding with everything they had.  Slick and sloppy trails, foggy glasses, killer mosquitos, and a flat tire that luckily just a blast of CO2 could limp me to the finish on.  Winning this one really meant a lot to me.



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white.frame whitebike.909 whitebike.finished.007 is finally completed!  This bike has been a year in the making, but it came out even better than I had hoped.  It just rails the fast and rough like no other hard tail I have ridden.  It’s so different from my singlespeed, but it has been very enjoyable on the few rides I’ve taken on it.  Not really a race bike, I designed it to be ridden at places like Blue Mountain, Ringwood, Jungle Habitat…those techy venues you’d spend a Saturday afternoon at with a few friends on a recreational ride. Although, I have to say it’s been nagging me to load it up for a long weekend up at Kingdom…

NYS Windham

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windham windham.podiumOn June 29th, the NYS Mountain bike series held their second race of the season at Windham mountain.  Cat 2 started at 8:00a.m. and the course, on the side of the mountain, was muddy as hell.  Climb, climb, climb, and then decend on sticky red mud between rocks.  In the end, I was glad to post a solid win and head back to my car for breakfast and a nap.

Williams Lake Classic 2013

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Williamslake_insta2013 williamslakebfdominancewilliamslake_podium2013 williamslake_caveYesterday, June 9th, the NYS Mountain Bike Series held their opening race…the Williams Lake Classic, in Rosendale NY.  Although it was a beautiful day on Sunday, it had rained for most of the previous week.  Trails were really greasy, with mud between wet rocks and roots.  I stuck with my regular set up…32-18 gearing, Nevegal front/ Quasimoto rear for stick-n-slide, but ran slightly lower pressure than usual, and the bike was flawless. Tons of fun.  I had a good race, and took home first place in Cat 2 SS. Thanks to Lisa (who won cat 2 women 12-34) and Fats in the Cats for the photos.

.006 built for SSAP

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ssap_postparty I finished Eric’s 650b SS frame just in time for him to build it up in my basement and race it the next day at Singlespeedapalooza 2013. A big local race around here, and highly anticipated, this year’s pre-registration was limited to 250 riders and filled up in 2 hours in the beginning of February. Conditions on race day were absolutely perfect.  Dry, super fast, sunny and warm.  A great way to break in a new frame!


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Taking care of my 12 month old daughter all day, running my one-man metal fab shop, and trying to build custom frames on the side makes for a busy schedule.  Add in recreational and training rides (and a couple broken vehicles) and there just aren’t enough hours in the week.  The one thing about gaps between time at the bike shop… I get plenty of time to obsess over the details.

.006 is complete and ready to make its debut at Singlespeedapalooza 2013.  For the most part, running traditional race geometry, with 650b wheels, Paragon rockers, and full-housing clips for single speed or 1xwhatever duty, this one was ordered with a paint matched rigid fork.  House of Kolor Kandy Purple is deep and rich, almost obscuring the subtle painted black graphics beneath.


.007 is finally tacked and fresh out of the jig.  This is my personal bike for the upcoming season.  Designed around a 130mm fork and 650b wheels, this bike has a few tricks in store.  “Secret Agent geometry”…nothing really that radical.  600mm top tube, 68 degree ht angle, 12.5″ bb height, 16.25” chainstays with the Paragon 142×12 rockers slammed, 44mm head tube, oversize main tubes including home-made custom butted seat tube for 31.6 seat post… Further details will come together as the bike nears completion, hopefully by early May.