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.009 Pagan Gold Fat Bike

Posted in Uncategorized on March 14, 2015 by baumannwerks

burnsidefatty.009_sideburnsidefatty.009_frontquarterburnsidefatty.009_rearquarterAlmost a year in the making, I finally completed my own fat bike back in December. Our trails here in southern New York stayed clear or with minimal snow until maybe mid-January, and riding was fantastic.  This bike felt largely like a regular hard tail mountain bike, but with amazing traction.  Mind-blowing, unbelievable traction everywhere.  Then it started snowing relentlessly, and with constant low tempetures, the snow never left.  This bike allowed me to keep riding in the woods the whole time.  Adjusting tire pressure to the conditions for float and traction is key.  Overall it has been a great winter tool, and addition to my arsenal.  Riding on snow is great fun, but riding clear trail and mixed conditions was where this bike had me smiling the most.  If I had to choose one bike for year-round use, this is it.burnside.009_inleavesburnside.009_campgroundburnside.009_beaconburnside.009_beaverpond