Burnside Forge Racing Division







With the backing of Peoples Bikes of Beacon and Rushing Duck Brewing of Chester, Cima and I teamed up to take on the 2014 race season as Burnside Forge’s Racing Division.

The majority of our efforts were racing Cat1 single speed in our local race series, NYS and H2H.  14 races within 2 hours of Newburgh, between the 2 series we had an amazing cross section of terrain and competition that went from April to September. In early July we bolted on gears and teamed up to win men’s open teams at the Stewart 6-pack.  The following weekend Cima went out to Bear Creek PA and took 12th at Nationals in Cat1/open single speed on his fatty! When all the smoke cleared, Cima got 2nd and I got 3rd in overall points in the NYS series, and I also got 3rd overall in the H2H series (which came down to a tight 2nd place finish in the final at Tymor)…and between the 2 of us, Burnside Forge stood on the podium 15 times this season!

Huge thanks to Jon and Sarah and all the guys at Peoples Bikes, as well Dan and Nikki and the crew at Rushing Duck.  Keeping your bike in top shape and being fueled by excellent craft beer is paramount to any mountain bike racer!

6/8/14 NYS Williams Lake, Ca1 SS




Top to bottom:

6/8 NYS Williams Lake, Cat1 SS

7/13 Stewart Super 6 Pack, Men’s open teams

7/27 NYS Stewart, Cat1 SS

8/9 NYS Windham World Cup, Cat1 SS

9/7 NYS Riedlbaur’s, NYS final series standings, Cat1 SS


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