.008 Cima’s Fatty Complete


On April 13, Dark Horse Cycles put on the 6th annual Singlespeedapalooza at Stewart State Forest, right here in Newburgh, New York.  This is a great event every year, and for most, unofficially kicks off the mountain bike racing season. I was working late nights and early mornings to complete frame .008 in time for Cima to debut it at the race.

And what a debut it was!  Cima raced it for the first time, only a couple days after it was built up, and landed solidly on the 3rd place podium in the fat bike class.   What a way to start the season!

The build included a carbon Carver fork, cockpit by Thomson and Answer, and custom wheels built by Kyle at Peoples Bikes in Beacon,  using I9 hubs and Surly Marge lite rims.  After a rough ride at Blue mountain, we decided to convert the rear to 177×12.  Just a call to I9 for hub conversion endcaps, and another to Paragon for the dropout inserts and Shimano thru axle and we were good to go.  The beauty of simple versatility.





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