A Couple Fatties…


fatty.in.dramatic.light fat.sunsetfatty.tubing As the temperatures have finally risen into the double digits and the snow has settled as a 2′ deep blanket here in New York, we are grabbing our bikes and crawling out of our caves. Riding this time of year around here is pretty limited to roads covered in sand, salt, ice, and water…unless you have a fat bike.  I’ll admit, this is all pretty new to me.  After a few rides on a borrowed bike, I was sold.  Fat bikes are the monster trucks of bikes.  Big squishy tires climb over everything with unbelievable traction, and float over otherwise impassable trails.


When my friend Cima expressed interest in having me build a new fat bike for him for this coming season, I was really excited.  So much so, that I ordered 2 tube sets and plan to build one for my own arsenal as well.  We took all that he loved from his current bike, and changed all that he didn’t. OX Platinum tubing, 170mm rear spacing, paragon rocker dropouts, 1×10 drivetrain with top shelf parts… This will be a sweet bike.  Cima’s a one-bike guy, and he’ll be racing every weekend from the end of march until the end of September on this bike.  And because he ran in both Cat 1 geared and Cat 1 SS last year, he wanted the flexibility to switch back and forth during the season.  And then train all week and off-season on this bike, for several more years.  He mentioned he may want to do a big tour on it one day too, so there’ll be rack mounts and fender mounts integrated as well.  The goal was to build a lively, durable frame that would last reliably for many years to come.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what works and what you’ll really need before you’re actually out there though.  Luckily, over the past year my buddy Kurt Sandiforth has logged several thousands of miles roaming the world on his fatty.  He’s down in South America somewhere right now, and has been instrumental in ironing out details, geometry, and parts selection.  Check out his adventure at http://www.bikegreaseandcoffee.com/




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