Happy New Year!!


NYSss2.titleBFss.prepI wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who helped make my 2013 racing season the modest success that it was.  I had a great time doing a bunch of races, and was particularly excited to win the NYS Series Cat.2 Singlespeed title in September.  I met a lot of great people this year, and I’m thankful for how I was pushed and supported along the way.


Here’s a list of race results since August…


8/4  1st,  Cat.2 SS,  H2H 909



8/11  1st,  Cat.2SS,  NYS Belleayre


8/25  1st,  Cat.2 SS,  NYS Hurley





9/8  2nd,  Cat.2 SS,  NYS Riedlbauer’s

NYS Series Cat.2 SS title





9/15  3rd,  Cat.2 30-39 (geared),  H2H Tymor


9/22  3rd,  Men’s Open,  Walnut Mtn Triple Challenge


11/10  20th, Beacon Mega Avalanche


11/23  1st,  4-man Open relay,  6 Hours of Cathedral Pines




I’m looking forward to all that this new year has to offer.  I have a few bikes in mind that I really want to build, and several races that I am excited about.  Pending approval, I should be moving up to Cat.1 next season.  At this point, Battenkill is the first race on my calendar, on April 5th, and I’m planning to head out to Copper Harbor, Michigan in August for SinglespeedUSA.  I hope to also do at least one 50 mile off road race this summer too.


I have other plans for some less conventional bikes, and for Burnside Forge’s “Racing Division”, but I’ll post up here as those unfold…



Here’s to 2014!

















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