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NYS SOS Stewart

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sos.stewart.mud sos.stewart.podium sos.muddyshoesJuly 28th was the 3rd race in the NYS series, held at Stewart State Forest.  Stewart holds a lot of personal significance for me… it’s only a few miles from my childhood home, where I learned to ride as kid, and also where I participated in my first race back in 2010.  The Darkhorse 40 was traditionally held late July/ early August, and was the area’s biggest event.  Although a tough act to follow, it was great to get solid race in at Stewart with some serious locals.  

It rained the whole time, beginning 1 hour before the race started and letting up only after it was finished. To say conditions were wet and muddy is an understatement, but everyone was riding with everything they had.  Slick and sloppy trails, foggy glasses, killer mosquitos, and a flat tire that luckily just a blast of CO2 could limp me to the finish on.  Winning this one really meant a lot to me.




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white.frame whitebike.909 whitebike.finished.007 is finally completed!  This bike has been a year in the making, but it came out even better than I had hoped.  It just rails the fast and rough like no other hard tail I have ridden.  It’s so different from my singlespeed, but it has been very enjoyable on the few rides I’ve taken on it.  Not really a race bike, I designed it to be ridden at places like Blue Mountain, Ringwood, Jungle Habitat…those techy venues you’d spend a Saturday afternoon at with a few friends on a recreational ride. Although, I have to say it’s been nagging me to load it up for a long weekend up at Kingdom…

NYS Windham

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windham windham.podiumOn June 29th, the NYS Mountain bike series held their second race of the season at Windham mountain.  Cat 2 started at 8:00a.m. and the course, on the side of the mountain, was muddy as hell.  Climb, climb, climb, and then decend on sticky red mud between rocks.  In the end, I was glad to post a solid win and head back to my car for breakfast and a nap.