Taking care of my 12 month old daughter all day, running my one-man metal fab shop, and trying to build custom frames on the side makes for a busy schedule.  Add in recreational and training rides (and a couple broken vehicles) and there just aren’t enough hours in the week.  The one thing about gaps between time at the bike shop… I get plenty of time to obsess over the details.

.006 is complete and ready to make its debut at Singlespeedapalooza 2013.  For the most part, running traditional race geometry, with 650b wheels, Paragon rockers, and full-housing clips for single speed or 1xwhatever duty, this one was ordered with a paint matched rigid fork.  House of Kolor Kandy Purple is deep and rich, almost obscuring the subtle painted black graphics beneath.


.007 is finally tacked and fresh out of the jig.  This is my personal bike for the upcoming season.  Designed around a 130mm fork and 650b wheels, this bike has a few tricks in store.  “Secret Agent geometry”…nothing really that radical.  600mm top tube, 68 degree ht angle, 12.5″ bb height, 16.25” chainstays with the Paragon 142×12 rockers slammed, 44mm head tube, oversize main tubes including home-made custom butted seat tube for 31.6 seat post… Further details will come together as the bike nears completion, hopefully by early May.





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